Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Saxon Checks In

Close up of Saxon on the beach, happy smile on his face.

One of Saxon's favorite things about being a career change dog is the local Southern California dog beach. He has the best time there and it is so fun to watch him be a total goofball.

Saxon running full speed on the beach - with a giant smile still on his face!
Today as soon as I let him off the leash he took off, running about a quarter mile down the beach at top speed before slamming on the brakes and sprinting back.

A wide shot of Saxon standing with a 'found' tennis ball in his mouth like he actually fetched it (he didn't!)

At one point he even picked up a tennis ball and pretended he knew what to do with it! He was a happy dogs today, and happy dogs make happy owners.

The happiest Saxon in the world

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season, we certainly did!


  1. Especially love that last photo!

  2. :D:D SO nice to see Saxon again! And he looks so darn happy. :) Happy new year!